Molecule creates a distinctive, holistic vision for every project. We respond to every brief in combination with its context; each directly influences the design to create an identity or character. Whether an immersive brand experience or a room that’s tailored to a landscape view, Molecule projects are definitive, individual and endure in one’s memory.

There are many ways in which we can design your dream space. Whether it is working to help you to understand what you could build in the future or whether you need to move in pronto, we can tailor a process to suit your needs and aspirations. Every project is different and everyone's needs are different too. We relish the challenges that each project brings and are passionate about design in all of its manifestations: architecture, interior design, landscape design, furniture design, graphic design, industrial design and art direction.

Our boutique studio is dedicated to realising your project. Here are a few ways in which we could help you:


Molecule has delivered projects across a wide range of project types, scales and budgets. From $50K to $10M, residential, commercial and hospitality. New construction, interior renovations and alterations. We believe in and celebrate the influence that difference project types and scales can have on one another. Molecule has a breadth of experience to draw on.

“As a company in its infancy, we wanted our new satellite office to clearly articulate our brand, culture and values, and after our first meeting with Molecule we instantly felt like they “got us”. With limited floor space and budget, Molecule created a space for us with that expertly balanced function with design elements that I not only felt stated who we are as a company, but also blended into the wider sustainable elements in the building we are located in.”
Rhiannon Kanoniuk, Director, Pekada


Molecule specialises in full service project delivery. Our design expertise begins with detailed briefing then a concept design response is formulated. The concept establishes the agenda and key ideas which will influence the design decisions throughout the lift of a project.

The concept design can then be developed for planning, if required, and documented for tender and permit. Our full service delivery method can be delivered in partnership with a nominated builder or by a tender approach to multiple builders. From the earliest conversations, we can tailor the process to suit the individual needs of each project.

“Throughout the entire process, Molecule remained refreshingly professional, agile, creative and was able to work at a fast pace.  Importantly, Molecule’s design always remained guided by principles of practicality and efficient work flow for what would be a busy restaurant.”
Samantha Jreissati, Managing Director, Levantine Hill Estate



You may unsure about what your budget should be, you may be interested in exploring design possibilities or perhaps you are considering the opportunities to re-build or renovate but feel daunted by the prospect of a full service commitment.

A feasibility study is a discrete exercise, designed specifically to explore and clarify the potential within your site and design brief. At the end of this process, you will be armed with a design concept, cost estimate and timeline. A feasibility study is a low-risk stepping stone, from which we can move into developed design and subsequent documentation for construction.



At Molecule we believe that all successful projects have a synergy between the language of the exterior architecture and interior spaces. All components, from the layout and scale, finishes, furniture, lighting, rugs and window treatments are selected and composed to seamlessly integrate with the architectural surroundings and capture your personality. Every space we design is unique, just like our clients.

The finishing touch to any project, we relish the opportunity to complete an interior with art direction. Decorative objects, books, art work and plants are selected and curated – transforming any space into a completed environment. The detailed element of any interior, the art direction draws on our client briefing to bring personality and finesse to every project.  


Molecule has extensive experience in successfully navigating local council planning requirements. We design with careful consideration and in response to planning constraints, challenging boundaries to achieve design excellence with support from council and with a timely outcome for the project.



A building is immersed in a landscape, whether it is an urban street, a tightly held suburban lot, a rolling rural or coastal landscape. Molecule draws on this context to influence our architecture and interior design. Equally, we often extend our scope to include opportunities for alteration or improvement in the landscape to best enhance your site. We are passionate about the health benefits of interior planting. A visit to our studio will testify to that.