Molecule Studio is a holistic architecture and interior design practice formed in the spirit of collaboration, curiosity and creativity. Based in Melbourne since 2010, our designs form a strong connection between architecture, interiors and landscape.

Molecules form when two or more fragments form a bond. In the case of our studio, these fragments include a valued list of collaborators and clients, as well as a talented team of architects and interior designers who support co-directors, Anja de Spa and Richard Fleming.

Science shows that each fragment of a molecule can be different but still unite to create a bond – we believe our design practice illustrates this. Anja and Richard are partners in work and life and delight in approaching each design in their own distinct ways.

When working with Molecule, you get the best of both worlds – pragmatism matched by experimentation and rigour that always has room to move.

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Regarded for her rigorous approach, Anja has a love for materials and sensory elements. This creates a special tactile quality to her work that allows for deep connections between her clients and the unique spaces she designs with them.

Prior to forming Molecule, Anja worked at architecture practices in New Zealand, London, Rotterdam and Melbourne. The knowledge gained on large-scale works informs the thorough processes she applies to each Molecule project.

Anja approaches each project with an open mind – but comes armed with research and a contagious sense of commitment. She believes a tailored response to site, brief, client and budget creates the spark that brings life to each project and its definitive character.

B. Arch. (Unitec, New Zealand)
Registered Architect, Victoria

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Richard is fascinated by how things work and was drawn to building and design from a young age. He tests his design concepts by hand through the creation of models that bring a physical form to big ideas. His deep knowledge of construction also allows him to confidently push design boundaries.

Richard’s career also extends to experience at large international practices in New Zealand, London and Rotterdam, where he worked on small and large projects across all sectors.

In each project, Richard aspires to unlock a built language that translates complicated elements into a singular and serene form. His designs also benefit from a close connection to nature, whether it’s a carefully framed view, shaded spaces in the heat of summer or materials that age gracefully.

B. Arch. (Hons., Unitec, New Zealand)
Registered Architect, Victoria 

Molecule is an A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects and a member of ArchiTeam.